Melacep Cleanser & Serum

Melacep Cleanser & Serum

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Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Ultimate Serum has an additional ingredient, which is the Hexylresorcinol that targets Glutathione and the dark pigmentation on the skin.

As we grow older, Glutathione production in our body will decrease and with the additional environmental pollutants and stress, it is going down even further. Glutathione is important for skin’s purification, to eliminate dark spots and to brightened up the skin.

Therefore, adding this serum in our skincare regime is crucial as it helps to protect the skin from the formation of dark spots and pigmentation.

What’s so good about this serum?

With an extensive research of up to 7 years, MARY KAY Ultimate Serum is packed with an innovative complex named the MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous Complex, which is a proprietary blend that delivers powerful brightening benefits like whitening, hydrating and bringing you the glow from within.

The results?
93% find that their skin luminosity have increased
86% find that their skin tone have evened out
81% find that their skins’ appearance of discoloration have improved

The value-priced set includes:
Melacep Plus+ Foaming Cleanser, P980
Melacep Plus+ Serum, P1.880